MoneyMind: 5 Day Coaching Experience for Becoming Unwavering in Your Purpose, Offers, & Desired Cashflow

This is going to teach you everything you need to get in position to sign at least one high ticket client into your program. 

You'll be able to binge the entire series upon enrolling 

Here's what my clients and audience want to know: 

 How do you find high value clients 

 How do you create better resonant content  

 How to price, package, AND position your brand to sell 5 figure packages 

This and so much more will be covered doing our MoneyMind 5 Day Coaching Intensive! 

The curriculum is as follows:

Day 1: The Unwavering Mindset of a High Ticket Coach 

Day 2: The Best Business Model for Hyper Growth 

Day 3: The Unique Messaging to get High Ticket Buyers to Say YES.. even when they've just met you 

Day 4: Money Mapping for Success: The Road to a 6 Figure SALARY 

Day 5: Offers That Sell AND Drive Results

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