High Ticket Offer Elixir

Attention Transformational & Legacy Minded Coaches: Create & Sell Your High Ticket Group Program In 21 Days Or Less

Most of what coaches are taught to do never really equates to building a sustainable legacy building business:

🙅🏾‍♀️ Creating a low value offer with a tiny audience

🙅🏾‍♀️ Rushing to run FB ads with no sustainable budget in place

🙅🏾‍♀️ Creating a full blown marketing campaign that doesn’t attract qualified leads into your programs

🙅🏾‍♀️ Finally creating a high ticket offer, but then stuffing it with loads of content or even done for you elements to make it feel "of value"

🙅🏾‍♀️ Spending an ungodly amount of time with your audience and not enough time with potential clients

(re-read this last one because most people won't catch it 😉)

You’re ready for your next level.

To step into CEO and run your company.

To hire your dream team.

To have legacy clients.

To host the most epic retreats.

To run that multiple six figure payroll with ease.

This isn’t just an Instagram business and you know it.

Lord knows you weren't put on this Earth to spend days batching TikTok content and trying to figure out algorithms.

What you desire is to finally launch and run your legacy program.

To train and develop staff.

To create and deploy systems to grow your company on automation.

To finally work less and make more.. (..the infamous promise that most coaches can’t teach you how to do 😏..)

And if you're a spouse or mom, you probably would like the time and financial freedom to do and delegate the "second shift" of labor that NO ONE wants to talk about

Can you imagine how it would feel to have a steady stream of dream clients applying to and saying yes to your offer?

Imagine being able to move away from 1:1 work and scale your company, without having to launch all the time or creating tons of social media content to do it!

Create a system to attract and convert leads on repeat - hello predictable sales!

And finally, create the life that you’ve been so excited to step into.



Our legacy program, High Ticket Offer Elixir™️ breaks down the Massive Brand Method™️ to growing and scaling an offer, creating the right systems in your business, while hiring and developing your high performance team.

The first order of business is perfecting your business model and offer...

The M.A.P. to Millions Scaling System™️ is the exact framework for building a high value and high end coaching business allowing you to grow to multiple 5 figure months so that you can scale to 6 figure months and multi-million dollar years without a needing a massive audience, overworking and undercharging, or dancing for Reels or TikTok videos with little to no return.

This is where we will map out the exact offer you need to grow & grow quickly.


I'm ready!

The Benefit to Joining this Program is Your Success in These 3 Areas:Curriculum Design & Delivery

Most coaches tell you to create the program, but not many teach how to effectively coach and create a container that facilitates GROWTH and RESULTS for your clients. This goes WAY beyond coaching on a Zoom call or Voxer clip. This is about turning your expertise and intellectual property into a duplicatable and quantifiable framework that produces predictable results over and over again

Automation & Systems for Growth

In order to truly step into your CEO role, it's time to start operating like the company owner you are. This requires setting up processes to run, KPI's to measure and improve, and engines that can secure traffic, leads, and clients whether you're at your desk or at the beach. It's time to fully step into the Growth stage of building your company

High Performance Teams

Unfortunately the large majority of coaches and consultants don't know how to recruit, hire, train, and develop staff, and it's evident in what is being taught in our industry. Tanya will be taking over 17 years of personnel management to help you fall in love with building your team while creating the organizational culture that will drive success and sales


Many transformational coaches desire to scale with high ticket programs, but just don’t understand how to package 5 figure offers, or worse yet, how to attract, engage and convert the high value clients they desire to work with.

Oftentimes they’re stuck in a cycle of selling 1:1 packages or digital courses, then spending time servicing these clients, which in turn slows their lead flow, and the hustle “gotta find a client” cycle begins again.

And here's what happens long term..


They're spending WAY too much time creating content in a way that really can't be leveraged creating a hamster wheel effect of content creation that takes up way to much time on their calendar

They've spent way too much time talking to the wrong client avatar that now their messaging and marketing has been affected and actually detracts ideal clients

They really desire to step into high level strategy within their company and operate on the business as a true CEO but not getting sales and marketing dialed in keeps them from doing so

The results are lots of content with little to no engagement, too much time in between clients enrolling, with no real strategy in place to grow monthly recurring revenue.

The long term effect is too much time outside of your zone of genius which is detrimental to coaching effectively to drive results.


What if you could have a steady stream of dream clients applying to and saying yes to your offer?

What if you could create a leveraged way to create an absolutely amazing and transformational client experience also while having a consistent and predictable way to grow your audience and generate leads?

If you could step into your next level, build your dream business with your dream team, host your retreats, and have a circle of hyper engaged clients that get amazing results from your program, wouldn’t you be so excited to attain the strategies and unlock the mindset to do so?

Wouldn’t you take the necessary steps to collapse time to achieve that reality, especially if you knew you could do it with ease, grace, and in alignment to your core values?

Apply Now!

What you're missing is your legacy program.

Here's what having a legacy program allows you to have:

✅ Legacy clients. Repeat clients that work with you for more than just 12 months.

✅ Predictable revenue

✅ Higher profit margins

✅ Rich high touch client experiences

✅ A budget for expansion (audience growth, teams, & tech)

✅ Enough financial resources to buy opportunities outside of your coaching business

✅ Investing and strategic money plays

✅ Generational wealth planning and future pacing

Here’s your new reality. From this point forward you'll:

✨Create the offer that you’re absolutely in love with at the price point you know you should be charging (Yes to 5 figure packages)✨

✨Connect with high value clients that actually want your services.. (and can pay)✨

✨Create a consistent stream of monthly recurring revenue and easily scale beyond your plateau in your business✨

✨ Get to the point of business building where you're creating strategies for your team and clients to execute, operating your company and making BOSS moves, and NOT worrying about when or where your next client is going to come from✨

✨ Stop trading your time for dollars because you'll have a dialed in system and high performance team that drives massive results for your company and your clients ✨

Because let’s face it, you're destined to have a multi-million dollar coaching practice.

You’ve decided that the $100 or 200 or even 300K that’s coming into your business bank account is about to start coming in monthly, not annually.

Contrary to what they want you to believe, you CAN have a high touch business WITH some automation.

You CAN have a roster of clients that get the results you know you can provide, but WITHOUT you on Voxer all day.

You absolutely CAN scale to build a multi-million dollar coaching and consulting firm without relying on e-books, $997 courses, and digital offers as your MAIN offers.

Here’s what I know: if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re ready to ditch the plateau, normalize a new level of success, attract high-end clients, and build the freedom business you’ve been called to have.Apply Now!


A high converting high value legacy program *that sells daily*

A client attractive business, magnetizing *qualified* dream high value clients

A proven system to drive qualified leads into your business resulting in month over month business growth

A mission driven team helping you run your company so you can stay in the CEO seat instead of wearing all the hats in your biz

A recurring revenue machine, never having to start from ground zero again

And you will be able to:

Spend more time WITH your clients instead of strategizing on how to find them

Build a team to support you and your clients, providing a higher level of value and service to your clients

Provide a deeper level of transformation because your energy will be spent on curriculum development and improvement and not lead generation

Use this legacy program as the catalyst to the business growth you desire and the generational wealth and freedom that is your birthright

Apply Now!


HERE'S A BREAKDOWN OF WHAT'S IN STORE FOR YOU.Offer Elixir 12 Month Curriculum and Growth Track

Most coaching programs in our industry are 3-6 months, which really doesn't provide enough time for you to learn, plan, and execute the strategies you learn in the program. Our program fosters "excellence in execution" and we can't do that if you're already off-boarded. The High Ticket Offer Elixir™️ curriculum is self-paced, so you can finish it whenever you'd like, but you'll have 12 months of support and accountability, to tweak, test, and perfect everything for best results.

Bi-Weekly Group Accountability and Support Calls

Bi-weekly coaching calls will serve to help you move through the phases, providing specific support around the curriculum so that you're not just moving through the content, but getting results in real time.

Coaching, Mentorship, & Feedback

Not only will you have access to bi-weekly coaching calls, but you'll have real time coaching to provide specific feedback on your offer, client acquisition strategies, team building, systems and automation and more.

You'll even have access to subject matter experts who will provide specific masterclasses to help drive your results

Private Client Only Community

Community drives results, period. What better way to learn and grow than with like minded individuals on the same path? Phase 2 of the program introduces you to a private client community where you can continue to learn and grow but now also from peers with similar aspirations.

Exclusive All-in-One Sales & Marketing Software

We created Bossly™️ to make it easy for our clients to implement their marketing campaigns, manage and track sales, and provide a high level of service to their clients and customers. This is literally a business in a box and just about everything you need to run your coaching practice. As a member of the High Ticket Offer Elixir™️ program, you will have access to Bossly™️ at no additional charge for your time in the program. That's right. As long as you're a paying member of the HTOE, you'll never pay for Bossly.

Templates, Scripts, SOPs, and Operations Support

In a continued effort to make this easy for you, you'll be provided with templates, scripts, and operations support for your marketing, to use with Bossly, and even as you build and grow your coaching support staff.

Hey, I'm Tanya!

I’m honored to be your mentor for the next 12 (maybe even more) months!

I'm a High Ticket Business Coach & Consultant for high performance & impact-driven serviced based women in business. CEO's and women of influence come to me when they're ready to create high ticket programs, create a pathway to building a million dollar business, or even just to replace their corporate salaries.


Because that's my speciality. Not only was I able to replace my own 6 figure corporate salary within months of starting my business years ago, I've helped countless other women do the same.

On top of that, I'm also a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Course Creator, Podcast Host, and Advocate Against Domestic Violence.

After working tirelessly to achieve the position that I held with my Fortune 250 company, I realized the financial freedom I desired would never be attained working for someone else, nor would the creative and and time freedom I craved as well.

I've taken over 17 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, more than $120+ million dollars in revenue for Fortune 250 businesses, coupled with OVER $350,000 worth of schooling/training/coaching, and over 30,000 HOURS of coaching to be able to teach you how to build & scale your coaching or consulting practice.

And there's no time like the present to get more strategic about building yours.


Don't believe the hype that there's exclusive places to find clients that a ready, willing, and able to invest in you. She's literally everywhere.

And now you will have everything you need to show up and attract her.


Apply Now!

Imagine packaging your expertise and being able to work less and earn more in a way that provides deep transformation for your clients

Imagine being able to finally step away from client acquisition and dive deeper into client service, support, and team building... because you'll have a dialed in way to create the revenue you desire for your company

The High Ticket Offer Elixir™️ is perfect for you if..

Here's how you can pre-qualify to see if you're a fit...

You're a woman in business who knows in their heart that they have a viable 10K-20K offer to sell

You're a leader who will stop at nothing to build a successful million dollar brand and create generation wealth, but also because she just knows that kind of success is her birthright.

A savvy woman who understands the power of investing in smart and strategic ways to be able to yield high value returns on her investments

A forward thinking business owner who knows the long term success of her business involves building a stackable recurring revenue machine in their business

A change agent and resourceful boss and who is ready to build powerhouse high performance teams and businesses that can run without them having to be in every aspect of the business

A community driven maven who knows strength is in number so she desires to be around like-minded heavy hitters who are here to change the game and the world

A spouse, mom, or other change agent who desires to create more financial freedom while also creating time freedom to take care of other responsibilities and to live your life by design

Who this is not for:

Coaches who don’t believe in themselves or even their opportunities.

Coaches who don't believe in investing and getting to the next level.

Coaches who need to be convinced each step of the way and emotionally recommitted. (We can't want your business to grow more than you do.)

Coaches who rarely get results from their investments and mentorship.

Business owners and coaches who want a boutique style coaching practice with a few clients here and there and no team.

People who desire to stay around the 2-5K price point because they'd rather play small than to believe bigger.

Coaches who don't believe in themselves enough to have a group coaching business model and believe that they can only get result for their clients via 1:1.

Don’t let another year pass by without you hitting the income goal you set for yourself long ago


The High Ticket Offer Elixir™️ was designed for the modern impact driven woman who has a desire to transform others in life and business, but wants to do so while still successfully fulfilling the other roles of her life. You're not here to spend all day online. In fact, it is very possible to build your dream coaching company working 15-25 hours per week. Apply to join if you're ready to increase your rates, earn more, work less and launch your dream legacy program & high performance team.

Apply Now!

If you've read this far and you want to skip the line and enroll, the button below will take you straight to the checkout page. CAUTION: This is fast action bonus page that expires within 24 hours of clicking it. The benefit to using this link and enrolling today is a savings of $3600 PLUS two 90 minute intensives over the next 12 months with Tanya and her team. If you're ready to enroll but have a few quick questions, DM Tanya here. If you're ready to get started, click the EXPIRING link below and complete your enrollment now.

Enroll Now - Yes, I've read the above text & I'm ready to enroll now and save $3600!

12 Modules

Phase Five: High Value Service

Phase Six: High Value Team

Phase Seven: High Value Marketing Pt 2: Building your Client Attraction & Sales Hub - C.A.S.H.

CEO and Leadership Tools

Modules for this program 12
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